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the most amazing man you will ever meet. a clemente will never make you feel down. he will always brighten your day and make you smile and laugh so much.

clemente is loyal, funny, sweet, caring, talented, cute, amazing, nice, handsome, and an extremely good person to anyone who crosses his path.

if you’ve got a clemente in your life, never lost him or let him go. you’re the luckiest girl/guy if you are ever fortunate enough to come across a clemente.
“have you met my friend clemente? you’re gonna love being around him!”
by saraht76 December 07, 2017
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Italian for calm.
German for unusually small penis
Also a dick
Hey bob, did you see the guy's
Yeh, it didn't have anything on my 2inches..
by Anonymous2488888888888 May 13, 2011
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To profile shenanigans of any kind LIKE A BOSS by using criminal behavioral analysis.
"I Clemente'd the FUCK out of that crime scene!!"

Bro 1 "How'd you figure out that Bob stole your beers?"
Bro 2 "I Clemente'd that shit bro!"
Bro 1 "Sweeeet"
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