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"fweep!" "what the heck was that". "sorry i had some bad cleef problems".
by therock20 July 11, 2009
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A cleef is a clitoris fart. Similar to a 'queef' or 'peef', but happens after both.
Woman: I just queefed!
Man: I just peefed!
Woman: I just cleefed!
by Amazing masterbator October 03, 2009
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To observe in a silently cool, menacing fashion; to creep or lurk in the way of western film actor Lee Van Cleef.
"That guy behind the counter was totally Cleefin' you."
"I made one joke, and the whole room starts Cleefing."
"No reason to Cleef, chief. I'm just making a sandwich!"
by poinsonousascancer March 10, 2018
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