The wearing of 2 condoms while performing a Dirty Sanchez.
I grew tired of washing my genitalia after every Dirty Sanchez, so now I only do the Clean Sanchez.
by Dr. Charles Kinbote June 11, 2012
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When a chick is nice and wet, throw a couple digits inside her vag. Take those wet fingers out, and give the 2 finger sniff across your mustache line. Leaving a glistening trail of vag juice across your upper lip and below the nostrils for one to smell and enjoy. Hence, the Clean Sanchez!

Alternatively, it can be done on either yourself or on the chick you just fingered
Guy 1: After some heavy over the clothes touching and making out, she was right into it and super wet so I gave myself a Clean Sanchez

Guy 2: Thats hockey!
by westcoastsurprise August 04, 2011
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