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When you roll up all the blankets in the bed, like a fork and spaghetti, you are spaghetti-ing the blankets. Singular, noun, "Spaghetti", as in "You're such a spaghetti", someone who takes up all the blankets, leaving the other person cold and exposed.
Ugh! Thomas! You're such a spaghetti. Stop spaghetti-ing the blankets!
by Elliot.Sven.Masson May 12, 2016
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A long poop that goes down into the bottom hole of the bowl, and breaches the surface of the water.
by Elliot.Sven.Masson May 11, 2016
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If your list of women you've slept with includes a Monica, an Erica, a Rita, a Tina, a Sandra, a Mary, and a Jessica, then you are officially a man whore.
Fuck... I had sex with a Rita last night. That means I did a whole mombo #5... Fuck... Time to get checked.
by Elliot.Sven.Masson February 16, 2016
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To completely dominate the sexual market, having sex with every available (or unavailable) female in the bar, club, town, etc.
Guy: Hey man, are you single?
Other guy: Nah. I have a girlfriend.
Guy: That's too bad, man, you could really clean up.
by Elliot.Sven.Masson May 4, 2016
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To use your shoe to move something on the floor, ie shattered glass.
Those damn club kids put their empty beer bottles on the stage last night like idiots and they smashed all over the dance floor. I had to jump down and shoe broom the glass into the corner.
by Elliot.Sven.Masson September 18, 2014
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