A term used by a certain person I know who whenever they hear a tune that they like they say "ai man this is a classic tune!" So remember...if something you like comes on the radio or indeed if it is a television programme or an event that has happened....be sure not to forget to describe it as classic! Buzzin is also another term that can be used!
ai man its classic!

oooo this is a classic tune!

hahaha classic!

wicked massif buzzin bangin classic! (shout this phrase gettin louder towards the end!)
by ai man this is classic! October 25, 2004
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A reference to a previous night of heavy drug and alcohol use.
Last night i partied so hard. I got really high and drunk.... it was classic!
by KnowledgeWriter April 28, 2011
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Added before somebody's name to signify that they typically do it, but if they didn't do it, life would be boring.
Classic Noah. We're all gonna miss his sense of humor when he's gone.
by Stupidly Sophisticated December 20, 2020
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Something that big companies like to ruin.
Guy 1 - Hey did you seen that panda twerking with little girls on Cartoon Network yesterday ?
Guy 2 - Yeah,they totally ruined my childhood classic!
by ad48 August 12, 2016
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Adjective: used to describe a person 65 or older.
Instead of calling Mommy old, we should refer to her as classic!
by Mleen December 06, 2018
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He is a boy and he is sexy and who ever dated him is luck and he treats his girlfriends right and if he calls the bae he really loves them or any other names he don’t care about you
I want classic as a boyfriend he is so loyal
by Classic 5360 June 12, 2019
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