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Describes a phenomenon where popular comedy-based websites that were once funny for everyone get taken over by leftist admins, and cease to be funny for anyone not on the far-left of the political spectrum. The archetypal example is cracked.com. Typically, the wealthy leftist admins will choose to be completely oblivious to massive popular displays of disapproval from readers about the direction in which the website is headed (such as disapproving comments in comment sections, large dislike-to-like ratios,etc.). After all, who cares about the opinions of plebs? They're just too stupid to understand that cultural Marxism is in their best interest.

This should not be confused with websites that were always leftist, such as The Onion.
Man, urbandictionary used to be funny, but now the admins only approve or front-page political definitions if they espouse socialism, black supremacy, and third-wave feminism. Total leftist appropriation!
by arrgitsasnake October 23, 2016
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The number of fucks you currently have left to give about a given problem or topic.
1. I was going to vote in this year's election, but after spending the last ten years getting wallet-fucked by both parties, my fuck inventory was depleted, so I stayed home and masturbated instead.
2. Susan sent me a nasty email asking why I hadn't completed all my tasks this sprint, but when I checked my fuck inventory, I found that I had zero remaining fucks, so I told her that I was sick and took the day off.
by arrgitsasnake July 29, 2021
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Super awesome, super hot heroine of the Thai martial arts movie, Chocolate. Besides Jackie Chan, Tony Jaa, and Barack Obama, she seriously might be the most awesome person in the world right now.
Unlike the crappy Hollywood "action heroes," she doesn't use wires for her movies.
Dude I just saw Jeeja Yanin beat the living shit out of that redneck, Chuck Norris!
by arrgitsasnake February 20, 2009
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Whenever the democrats propose plans that will help the middle class, the republicans always accuse them of class warfare, primarily because the republicans don't have any substantive arguments to back up their regressive policies. Class warfare can't really be defined, because it doesn't really mean anything.
Barack Obama: My economic plan will benefit the middle class.

Bill O'Reilly: But that's class warfare!

Barack Obama: Um... what does that even mean?

Bill O'Reilly: ummm.... WELL DO IT LIVE!

John McCain: Black Saddam Hussein Osama wantz to fuel class warfare by razin yer taxes!

Someone who's informed: Um... no he doesn't...

John McCain: Um... WELL DO IT LIVE!
by arrgitsasnake September 21, 2008
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a no-fucks given cunt who wins at all costs. Typical signs that someone is a champion cunt include:
-doing aerobic exercise every fucking day with no excuses not to get it fucking in
-going to bed before 10 every fucking night
-smashing in at least 5 liters of water a day
-they're an aggressive vegan cunt who doesn't give a fuck about being judged by first-world nonvegan pansies who can't even run around the fucking block
-smashing out youtube videos every day, even if it's just a video talking about megalodon sharks while wearing a vegan tshirt
-has a vasectomy cos there are too many fucking orphans as it is
-if the champion cunt is male, his balls will typically be the size of watermelons
-if the champion cunt is female, typically well-trained in the noble art of ballbusting
Holy shit, Abdullah from TheGlucoseNetwork is a fucking champion cunt!
by arrgitsasnake December 5, 2015
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