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To engage in intercourse with a female from the rear while simultaneously striking her buttocks (i.e. "clapping").
Veronica has a tight ass, I want to clap dem cheeks
by AnonJudicator April 05, 2010
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To smack ones ass. Also meaning to have perform a sexual with another ones anus.
Dad- "Hey son let me Clap Dem Cheeks"
Son- "No Dad, My ass still hurts from last nights pounding."
by Huge Nigga December 06, 2017
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A command given to a female with a large buttocks telling them to make their ass clap, also used to define the action of slapping a females buttocks.
You:Clap dem cheeks, slut!
Slut:*clapping of buttocks*
You: Oh yeah! I'mma make dem cheeks clap girl!*Profuse slapping of females buttocks ensues.
by Fine assed man September 21, 2016
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