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The fluid that oozes out of the vagina and encrusts itself on the panty liner.
Brittany needs a chisle to remove the clam spam from her panties.
by Human Douche May 16, 2008
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Damn girl, John just clamspammed me.
De De De, You got clamspammed. "SHIT!"
by Leli&Mya March 07, 2010
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When a chick you don't know sends you an unsolicited spread eagle shot.
That chick somehow got my number and sent me some clam spam.
by MC Skankaholic July 03, 2017
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A vagina picture; The equivalent of the male "dick-pic" often used to entice the intended reciever but is actually unsolicited
"I can't believe she keeps clam spamming me. I'm going to have to block her"
by Palomanoma October 12, 2016
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