Usually claimer is used to name someone who claims he/she is from a tagging/banging/party crew etc.
Man1:Ey holmes some foo is claiming our varrio!
Man2:For real?
Man2:Lets go fuck that claimer up!
by santiago slims November 13, 2007
A claimer is someone who claims to like something, but really doesnt. He/she is only claiming that thing to fit in with a group of people or seem cool.

It's easy to tell if someone's a claimer by simply asking them one or two questions about the matter that any non-claimer could answer.
Preppy Girl: Hey! Oh my gosh, I love Death Cab for Cutie!
Indie Girl wearing Death Cab Shirt: Really? What's your favorite song?
Preppy Girl: Um... Soul Meets Body... I see it on T.V. sometimes.
Indie Girl: I like that too... What other songs do you like? How about Lonelily? (Lonelily is a Damien Rice song)
Preppy Girl: Yeah! I love that song too!
Indie Girl: All right...Someone only knows one song... Claimer... Bye.
by zenkei May 21, 2006
Skateboarding lingo used when someone claims they are going to do a trick at a spot, and then "wimps" out when they get there.
"That dude is such a claimer. He was like, yeah man, im gonna nollie heel that 8 today. Then we got there and he never even tried it."
by Spenser May 8, 2005
Someone who claims a board sport move as his own. A derogatory term.
Just get out and ride, you sad claimer!
by mirkin July 10, 2003
Someone who says they know things but they don't. They say they did things but they didn't. Often try to one up people. Basically just a shit liar.
Harry claims he eats kale salads to be healthy but had Chicken fingers for lunch all week. He's such a claimer
by Nosebeers February 24, 2016
a person who be claiming to things that are not true like claiming to be in a gang
that boy claim he a blood but he just a false claimer
by angela April 16, 2005
A person who be claiming to do things but really dont, like caliming to be in a gang.
That boy say he a blood but he just a false claimer
by Iversons Baby April 23, 2005