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To tell you the truth, there's really no definition of an indie girl. Being "indie" is a state of mind--not a fashion statement.
There's no way to be an indie girl.
You just are.
If you happen to be a girl and you listen to independently produced music, watch independent movies, and if you stray away from anything mainstream then, yeah, you're an indie girl.
Indie girls don't indentify themselves as indie and they most definitely do not shun other people because of their tastes in music/movies/clothes/etc.
Indie girls don't just listen to music because it's indie.
Indie girls don't shun music because it's not rock. That's stupid. Indie music could be anything. Rock, rap, folk, anything.

That's it, I guess.

You're not an indie girl if you have to say it.
by Kourtnee D. March 16, 2007
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Traditionally, someone who doesn't care what anybody else thinks, or at least pretends to.
If she sees something she likes in Urban Outfitters or Topshop, she'll get it. If she sees something she likes in Abercrombie, she'll get it. If she likes something in a thrift store, she'll get it, etc.
Likewise, her music taste should be what she likes, not limited by any sort of genre.
She will read, write or draw if those are the things she enjoys or is good at.
SHE WON'T ACTIVELY TRY TO BE DIFFERENT, SHE JUST IS! To be an indie girl, you have to be someone who is mature enough to know who you are and happy enough in yourself to stand out.

To be a fake indie girl, however, you need only 4 things. Tumblr, photoshop, a pretentious jumped-up attitude and a fringe.
Fake indie girls are the ones who google 'bands that nobody has heard of' to make themselves different.
Fake Indie- Check out my Tumblr with photoshopped pictures of beaches with writing! Or don't, but that's just because you're jealous of me and my cool indie-ness.

Indie Girl- No, I'm alright doing my own thing.
by pendulumhips April 09, 2011
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I agree with Kourtnee D. If you say you are "Indie" then you are obviously not. And that goes for all stereotypes and labels. There is nothing more obnoxious then all these kids sulking around saying "Oh, I’m so Emo" or "Oh, i am such an Indie Girl" Just be who you are and if someone ELSE wants to label you then fine. In my opinion, labeling yourself is just as bad as giving yourself a nickname. That is for others to give to you.

And don't pretend to be into music you don't like and movies you don't understand because you think they are "Indie" and you want to be "Indie" If you like the poppy mainstream crap, that’s fine but don't act like you like independent music and films because you want to seem ethereal and deep.

As far as I’m concerned, having a checklist of HOW TO'S (I.E. How to dress, act, speak, and what music and movies to be into, hell even having to damn label of "Indie") goes against everything that is this so called "Indie" label. I thought it was about being "Independent" of the mainstream routine that people fall into and being "Independent" of labels. It seems as though all the self-proclaimed "Indie Kids" are so into being "Indie" they have lost sight of what it's really being about.

All in all, just be yourself. As corny as that sounds :-)
Girl 1: "I am such an Indie Girl "

Girl 2: "Oh, me too. I am so into all that Indie music and stuff"

Girl 3: "Wrong, You are posers, which is 10 times worse"
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There is no particular style to indie girls. The basic outline of an 'indie girl' is someone that does what they want. They listen to music that you've probably never heard of, wear what they want and are usually in touch with subjects that allow them to express themselves such as textiles,art,media,music and photography.

There is a typical stereotype of an Indie Girl which consists of messy, bleached, short hair. They wear vintage dresses and wear red lipstick. However there is no real 'trend' they are each different and unique.

You can't go shopping to try and change your image to be an Indie Girl, it's about being yourself all the time, but in a kind of rock chick way.
by ribbonsandroses January 01, 2009
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An Indie girl is the type of girl that stands up for what she beleives. she usually doesn't care what people think about her. they also don't name themselves as indie if they do they arn't they are a poser. They like all different types of music especially bands that no one has heard of. Most of the bands are up beat and happy not heavy metal. They are uaually artistic they like to draw, write, photography, play music or do anything that they are good at.

people think that an indie girl dresses vintage have bangs that usually cover their face and their hair is bleach blonde or black. That definatly isn't true because then it wouldn't be indie.
The shy girl in your art class that is always during or that girl in your music class that is an amazing guitar player and isn' afraid to speak their mind. That is an indie girl.
by kaitlynlouise October 24, 2011
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The meaning of "indie" has changed so much. It used to mean "independent," and it was all about being yourself. Now, most people are so caught up with being "indie," they can't see that they're actually not indie. An "indie" girl is a girl who opposes anything of the mainstream. If you're a girl that doesn't listen to mainstream music (which is music signed onto major record labels, like Paramore, and All Time Low), doesn't dress like the mainstream (you don't wear gay crap like Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch), then you are basically what this world thinks is indie. But, if you are a true indie girl, then you do whatever feels right. Maybe you do listen to Paramore, and maybe you wear Hollister on occasion. But what matters is that you do it because you WANT to, NOT because it's the indie thing to do. And, besides, if ALL your friends are listening to ndie music, doesn't that make it NOT indie? There is a HUGE difference between stereotypical "indie," and true, authentic indie. :)
Ex. 1, stereotypical indie girl: "I'm so indie, posers worship me."

Ex. 2, authentic indie girl: "Indie? What the heck is that? I do what I feel like doing. Is that so bad?"
by SkirtGirl:3 May 01, 2011
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Indie girls are usually into any form of art and are very artistic, whether in photography, instrumental, drawing, etc. Normally, they listen to bands / music other people have never even heard of, mostly up-beat music. Theres not really a specific way to dress, if there were a specific way to dress, that wouldnt make you very independent now would it? They kind of have that I-dont-give-a-crap-what-you-think-of-me-and-how-I-dress kind of thing, which is never bad to have. They are usually happy and dont label themselves as indie. They arent violent most of the time, and photography is one of the things they may love to do. They dont try to fit in to the crowd just to be someone, they are very independent in what they do. Most of the time they are quiet and maybe even alone, but arent sad about it because they enjoy it. Its kind of hard to explain, but I love everything about indie girls. But thats just my opinion~
Girl A; "Do you see that girl over there at the end of the hall?"

Girl B; "Yeahh"

Girl A; "Do you know her?"

Girl B; "Nope, but Im kinda in love with her clothes."

Girl A; "Ahaa, I know right. Shes pretty, too. Shes looks like she could be an indie girl, yaknow."

Girl B; "Yeah. Wanna go talk to her?"

Girl A; "Yeah, she seems cool."
by Joe Dan 8D June 12, 2010
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