When a cis person explains something to a trans person that they already know or explains trans issues to a trans person, when they (the cis person) themselves don't know what they're talking about, because well they're cis and don't experience trans issues.
"I'm not transphobic, transphobia is the fear of trans people, and being trans gender is due to a mental disorder called gender dysphoria"
"You're taking the word transphobic out of context, being trans isn't a mental illness and the treatment for gender dysphoria is transitioning, you're such a cis-splainer, stop cis-splaning"
by DSMbomb October 30, 2021
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Being a parent for the day, when the actual parents are unavailable.
Thank's for being Brandon's cis-ta tomorrow when I'm not able to make it.
by Trophalicious July 7, 2021
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The only type of humans on earth to have two mechanically identical meats. Whereas, men and transgender people only have one.

They have breasts and a vagina. Men, only have a penis. But a penis will never go up in value like a pair of breasts and a vagina.
Biological cis women work at Hooters, Twin Peaks, and even Wienerschnitzel.
by DeezPeanuts January 4, 2021
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Educated, french way of saying: "meh".
A: "How are you doing?"

B: " comme ci, comme ça"
by plasticnono July 28, 2021
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1. raito’s wifey
2. A girl who is hotter than the flames of hell. She is the most gorgeous girl EVER. Everything about her is perfect even though she doesn't think it. She is the cuties and sweeties and an amazing person to be around.

She is 100% precious to raito. I love her with all that i am. She is beyond the shadow of a doubt the greatest blessing God has ever bestowed upon me, and getting to know her has been amazing. I look forward to every second that i get to spend with her.
Her name is unique, and so is she. If you have this girl in your life you're lucky and you don't want to lose her.
A: Hey, how to spell ‘cies‘?
B: It’s r-a-i-t-o-s-w-i-f-e-y.
by cies’s hubby November 22, 2021
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Si Ci is an absolute legend. Her ability to instagram copious amounts of food (on the hour, every hour) while simultaneously completing intensive study makes you feel like an under achiever for sure.

Not only is she a restaurant/eatery connoisseur but Si Ci is an Ultimate frisbee superstar. While her mad throwing skills & defensive prowess make her a teammate’s favourite; the thing her team loves about her the most is how she laughs at everyone’s jokes making them feel hilarious.

Luckily she has no plans to leave us. Ever.
I’m so Si Ci right putting ma food on da ‘gram
by Ghjifs July 14, 2019
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