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Light Beer is a type of beer designed for sissys, pansies, homosexuals, pillow biters, gaylords and man-bitchez because they cant handle the taste of a aussie full strength beer (American full strength is for sissys, pansies, homosexuals, pillow biters, gaylords and man-bitchez also. Do your best to stay well away from this stuff)
Bitch Drinks are commonly Defined as Light beer

Bazza: Oi Daz what ya drinkin there??

Daz: Mate, its a Casgade Premium Light

Bazza: Get the fuck out you homo pillow biting douche fag bag!.............

Bazza: *Directed at bartender* Mate could i just grab a Scooner of Carlton Draught?

Bartender: Most certainly!
by Osama Binladen2454 July 23, 2008
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The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
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Light beer is not a drink but simply a way of life. If I'm not investing in my 401k or being very studious at the local campus library I'm crack a cold one with the boys. One does not simply show up to a pregame empty handed let alone light beers. Light beers give us the courage and motivation to Pursue our aspirations at a party. #freemchebes
Bro did you see Matt at that party ?
Yeah bro he was crushing those light beers kid defiantly pipes
by Lighttttt June 18, 2017
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