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an expression used to pertain to something that cannot be adequately expressed or explained.
originated from the word chuva
oh you know... the churva?!
if you can't say anything else or speechless they say, CHURVA!
by LESTAT DU LIONCOURT October 26, 2006
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from the greek word "cheorvamus" which means "for lack of the right word to say or in place of something you want to express but cannot verbalize"
-(when explaining something) about the churva churva....
- Hey girl....what's the latest churva?
by angel_in_disguise July 04, 2007
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from the common slavic/polish word KURWA (W pronounced as double V = sometimes shur-va, kur-va, chur-va)
Loosely Meaning "Fuck" in English, an expression in lack of better wording.
So ganun.. basta... churva. (So, like that.. never mind.. fuck)

Churva ka ng churva (fuckin fucker)

Malihig siya na chumurva (He likes fucking)

Whatever! Churvalo! (Whatever! Fucker!)
by sumOldPunk November 16, 2016
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