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a way of expressing in writing that you are sucking your teeth (caribbean people do this alot!)
island boy: gyal you look real good!
island girl: chupps! boy doh bother me!
by jo2008 January 21, 2008
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When you are sagging your trousers and you can see skin between the trousers and the bottom of the underpants.
Pull up your trousers, you've got major chupps.
by McJohn October 09, 2009
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That kid you've heard about, but never really known. Every person calls him a dick and shit like that.. but when you meet him, you surely agree. Not only does he make fun of you, and tell you that your wrong.. but he'll get everyone to laugh at you to.

Whenever your around him, you better watch your mouth, and make sure you don't say anything gay, or else he'd let you know.
But his friends, and majority of girls like him. Overall, he's pretty cool.
Chupp: "Who's the man?"
Crowd: "Chupp!"
Chupp: "That's right, all you bitches can't compare to me.. CHUPP DADDY."
by cockfuckxx August 18, 2008
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a word to that is usually put at the end of a pet name....invented by rgmv.
In other languages it could also mean the boogie man, muffin man or a hooker! LOLS
sweetie chupp, or honey chupp
by ChocolateChip_99 July 10, 2008
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