A beautiful master piece of shit

The person who produces it is most always known as the chuggernaut
Duuuude, that's chugger you took clogged the turd basket. You should have waffle stomped that baddie
by The meaty Backstrapper November 25, 2016
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Short for "Charity Mugger". Mildly insulting reference to the poor, exploited souls (usually impoverished students) who are obliged to approach people in the street, in order to collect money, donations, or subscriptions for charity.

Soul-destroying job, for pitiful wages.
by AstroDwarf October 08, 2014
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Street Fundraisers that have been stereo-typed by a MINORITY of aggressive 'charity muggers' - these are usually commission paid to stop and ask members of the public to support charities.
Some do it on an hourly rate (ie. non-pressured)
Chugging, with the exception of Legacies, has become the most effective way for charities in the UK to raise funds and a high percentage of Chuggers do the job with a high sense of ethics and contributing to the good in the World.
I met a Chugger outside the Tube station and they got me to sign up to that charity on TV - I kept meaning to make the call from the Ad; glad to have done it at last.
by GentleWhisper July 17, 2006
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Charity worker who asks uptight misers and racists to donate money to those who are in dire need of help.
I saw a chugger in Dublin being told to 'F-Off ni**ger-lover' by a pedestrian.
by SteveSmith October 20, 2006
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A person who is prone to drop to "the position" at any given time to swandle your balls.
Dude she is a Chugger
by xstarscreamx June 19, 2008
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Care Bears on acid. They are dangerous, especially when you touch their bellies.
We were out camping one time, and there was a sign that read "Keep away from the Chuggers."

"Have you ever seen a bear on acid?
No, But i've seen a Care Bear on acid...
So I guess...exacccctly....a Chugger"
by IamJob2 November 13, 2013
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1. Slang for a person who enjoys giving fellatio. Can be of either sex, usually used in a derogatory manner towards males.
1. "Did you see that guy with the pink shirt? That guys a definite chugger!"

2. Person A: "Hey I don't like the way you're looking at me."
Person B: "Hey, you chug punch bowls of cock."
by TomEqualsGrate July 14, 2006
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