chudai means fuck. sex between man and woman.
Ladke ne ladki ki chudai ki
by Intell May 16, 2006
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Act of fucking-Hindi/Urdu slang
usko chudai ka bara shokh hei-'she loves being fucked'
by Master Fucker May 7, 2006
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It is a hindi word which means "fucking". People of india use it as slang.
Uske sath chudai karke meri chut ki to bura haal hogaya!
by January 17, 2022
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Bangla phrase which means "Go fuck yourself" and literally translates to "fuck your rice puffs and eat it."

The rice puff (muri) reference is used because in Bangladeshi society, rice is the staple food and so it must be used when you tell someone to go fuck themselves.
tor kam kora lagbo na, tui chudai muri khao
by suggandeze_fruits February 8, 2020
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