Corina->Cori->Chori (in romanian it's pronunced like cheauri and it's a combination between crowl in romanian (cioara) and Corina)
That's Chorina as fuck!
Corina is becoming Chorina.
by dysporsium December 14, 2017
A nicked moped or motercylce that gets ragged all over
Look at my guy on back wheel of a chory plonk
by PlonkATonka October 11, 2019
A very real, NOT TO BE OVERLOOKED SUPERNATURAL FORCE, DESTINED FOR FAILURE. If you have a man named CHORI a.k.a. "Ryan Teodoro" on YOUR team.

For Example - Counter-Strike, Starcraft, Gunbound, Basketball, or any other competitive sport/e-game you are DESTINED TO LOSE.

If you see a man named chori join any of your teams in the e-gaming society, please do the right thing. BAN HIM, IMMEDIATELY.
FUCK! chori get the fuck off my team, I'm tired of losing bitch.
by c v.2 | mikky mouz November 15, 2004
the curse given to those who are accomponied by chori, this curse grants his teammates super-powers and lots of skill in anything they're doing, but if they anger the chori god he will take away your penis.
by chori November 19, 2004
A chori is a big responsability and a best friend and is such a bubi.

- chori is short for choripan wich comes from the lating rood 'chocludlo' which mean friend.
Oh chori you so funny
by Choripan1998 February 21, 2017
A place near Aberdeen consisting of junkies, virgins and boy racers including a pedo called Mike Christie, slags such as Lauren Craig, party animals like Fraser O’Hara and drug stealing runts such as Taylor Shniff.
by Scottish Tourism July 22, 2020
A non Asian individual that heavily resembles a person with Chinese descent.
"Esther looks like such a chory with her new hairstyle!"
by Veganhunter November 23, 2021