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Choogling as referred in swap rock music means to keep going,keep excelling,sorta like when someone says "keep on trucking",overall its in the same sense
"Hey man I'll see you around,keep on choogling man"
by DoubleLifeGonzo August 07, 2009
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To keep going, non stop, full force ahead. Speed Travel Fast Continuity Strong
The train choogles on its tracks, and nothing can't stop it, it just keeps on choogling.
by DJ Clave May 13, 2014
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Choogling is an activity commonly done in the south and is when you find a nice fresh soft patch of smoothe mud down by the swamp or river put on some good banjo music on the radio then start going to town humping holes in the mud.
"Later on you wanna go down to the swamp and do some choogling?" "Keep on choogling" "Choogle on brother"
by Aaron San April 22, 2018
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