1 : having or marked by great physical power.
2 : having moral or intellectual power.
3 : having or in the possesion of great resources.
1 : Chonto like bull.
2 : Kasparov simply not chonto 'nuff to tackle Deep Blue.
3 : Harvard physics best step off, Stanford theory is chonto yo!
by sampXtras August 18, 2011
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an extremely oppressive individual bred for torture and despair. judgemental, cruel, and unoriginal. rejects all implications of an original idea. perhaps a sociopath.
person a: "hey, i have an idea!! what if we--"
person b: no you absolute buffoon. how could you think that's a good idea??"
person a: "god, don't be such a Chontos"
by kazutokirigaya17 October 19, 2019
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To do something idiotic, rude, or just plain stupid.
Guy #1: Dude, I just accidentally hit that girl in the face with a water bottle.

Guy #2: I know man, you are definitely pulling a chontos
by JacksonHebe October 19, 2011
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another name for a marijuna cigarette
Get your body high like you're puffin' on a chonto. Girl that's only if you want though. You ready?
by Joelj7891 August 14, 2010
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A person named or call there self Chonto are idiots!

A liar, manipulative stupid arrogant person!
Look out to not call you child Chonto, a HUGE mistake.
"My name is Chonto, witch means that you shouldn't ever trust me. Even if I like you, be ready to have your heart broken, thats just how i roll."
by Anne - Linda Persson Smith October 25, 2017
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