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To devastate your opponent by grabbing the throat and lifting the person off the ground and forcing him into the ground with unforgiving force. Widely used in all wrestling federations around the world. Widely used as a threat or inside joke with wrestling fans.
You didnt take the trash out, now I have to chokeslam your ass.

Oh my god!!! he just got a chokeslam through a kitchen sink!

"Hey, check out that chokeslam over there."(in reference to a beautiful girl)
by Marc Oxenreider May 25, 2006
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To be fucked beyond all consciousness. To do something random that would contradict or entertain the people. A name derived from your face going numb after taking drugs or getting drunk. Tor coming from the phrase tore up

To explain someone who partied too much:
Adam was facetor last night at the kegger.

Six shots and Adam was facetor.

To explain an awesome event taking place:
Oh man, Hulk Hogan just leg dropped the shit out of that person. That's Facetor.

To apologize for embarrassing or crazy actions:
I'm sorry about your vase Mary, I was facetor.
by Marc Oxenreider May 25, 2006
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A term used for defining a person of poor or no wealth. One who is on welfare, a skank ass turd burglar who lives off people who make a living.

It can also be used to degrade your friend after he's made a dumbass of himself, and it just sounds funny to call someone that, regardless of their money status.
Jeeves: Oh, dammit! Tom, what the fuck happened to your part of the rent??

Tom: Sorry man, I lost my job a couple weeks back.

Jeeves: You fuckin' foodstamp! You are worthless, stupid skankface! I ought to face your mom and have her give me a blow job.

Tom: That's cool dude, she's dead.

Jeeves: Shut up Tom, you are a foodstamp, foodstamps don't know anything.
by Marc Oxenreider July 28, 2006
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