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A form of torture that works best with a long-haired person. Said individual is dangled head first over a toilet full of fecal matter, with hair dangling into the water. The toilet is then flushed.
You missed it, guy! We gave Karen a chocolate swirlie!
by robio January 16, 2003
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A particularly nasty variation on the swirlie (or swirly), a bullying tactic where a jock or otherwise "cool" guy takes a nerd and dunks his head in a toilet full of poop and flushes. Likely named so as to be able to trick victims into "agreeing" to get one because if unfamiliar, it sounds like a tasty treat.

The chocolate swirlie itself has many variations:
-If planned ahead of time, a jock (or several jocks) might intentionally use a toilet and leave it unflushed, then one jock stays in the stall to keep others from using it while the others go get the victim and bring him to be swirlied.
-Jocks might notice a nerd go into the bathroom, wait a bit, then kick in the stall door on the nerd while he's using the toilet and flush the nerd in his own shit.

-The royal swirly is defined 2 ways. In one, the jocks punch, wedgie, and/or spank the nerd while holding his head in the toilet, so that the nerd gasps and ends up getting poop in his mouth. The other involves jocks holding the nerd with his head face-up just above the toilet bowl, while one jock squats down and poops directly on his face, then they all swivel the nerd around and shove his face down into the bowl and complete the swirlie.
Me and all the guys on the hockey team gave some loser an epic chocolate swirlie today at lunch. After we ate, we all went and shit in the same toilet and then went and scouted the dining hall for the perfect kid to give it to. We picked this ginger dork and we just grabbed him and carried him out to the locker room, and we just dunked his face straight in there. We pulled him out and he was whimpering and his whole fuckin' face was smeared with shit, it was absolutely epic! Then we dunked him right back in and we started giving him wedgies and spanking him so he'd get it all in his mouth, and then we flushed him and it swirled the shit all over the back of his head too. Took like 5 flushes to get all the shit down and we held his head all the way in there the whole time. We took a ton of pics and we ended up leaving him in a hanging wedgie on the hook with his head still all smeared in shit. Ben texted some guys on the soccer team so I bet they'll go give the dork a swirlie tour after their practice too. Man I love giving nerds what they deserve!
by yikestbh September 22, 2017
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When you are fucking a girl in the ass and you give her a swirlie at the same time.
Yeah i fucked her, i gave that bitch a chocolate swirlie!
by toodrunk4chicken February 15, 2009
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