Nhu is a very sweet, funny girl. It's always fun to be around a Nhu. They're quiet, but can be loud. Nhu can be evil sometimes, but most of the time, she's the nicest, coolest person anyone could know.
"Oh my god! That girl is such a Nhu!"

I wish Nhu were here right now!"
by darkmaster4 April 14, 2011
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Sexy, pretty and has the sexiest hair.
Nhus are usually thought as being graceful and looking very delicate.
"Hey did you see that Nhu today?"

by GHOST_HUNTER_101 April 27, 2009
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To throttle a fish.

(the 'u' is not a vowel in this word)
my god bryan stop nhusing that poor fish!!!!
by l34v3m34l0n3 March 31, 2005
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