Nhu is a very sweet, funny girl. It's always fun to be around a Nhu. They're quiet, but can be loud. Nhu can be evil sometimes, but most of the time, she's the nicest, coolest person anyone could know.
"Oh my god! That girl is such a Nhu!"

I wish Nhu were here right now!"
by darkmaster4 April 14, 2011
Sexy, pretty and has the sexiest hair.
Nhus are usually thought as being graceful and looking very delicate.
"Hey did you see that Nhu today?"

by GHOST_HUNTER_101 April 27, 2009
To throttle a fish.

(the 'u' is not a vowel in this word)
my god bryan stop nhusing that poor fish!!!!
by l34v3m34l0n3 March 31, 2005
hey did u c that nhu at the candy store?
by NHUH8ER February 16, 2010
A beautiful caring ball of cuteness. She may not seem like much at first, but her determination and aura of happiness attracts everyone around her. She likes to draw and paint as well as read webtoons. Just being around a Nhu-Quynh is enough to make even the coldest hearts smile. Often goes by a middle name that's easier to pronounce.
"woah is that Nhu-Quynh?"
"I thought her name was Clarisse..."
by Prince of Oreo April 16, 2019
If you know a Nhu Y in your life, you're in luck. she expresses her love through spotify links and tries her best to make others happy. But be warned, when shes having a mental breakdown, she can be found sprawled on the floor or in the bathroom.
person 1: look, Nhu Y sent me a spotify link
person 2: she's in love with u... bro
by pu$$ysl@yer444 March 26, 2021