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An emo sweater is usually stripey. Popular colours include purple and black ,red and black or green and black.
The 'emo sweater' means a lot more if it belongs to the emo boy/emo girl's girlfriend/boyfriend or best friend.
Emo sweaters can be baggy or regular fit, some are hooded.
The sweater can be worn with a shirt underneath, revealing the collar above the neckline of the sweater. This is a common look for emo boys.
The red and black striped sweater worn by Dennis the Menace.
See also stripey tights, stripey scarves and stripey socks-very popular alternatives to the original emo sweater.
by Ashaya October 30, 2006

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A vintage style pattern used originally for wallpaper and furniture coverings.
Chintz has transformed over the decades from a an old Granny style fussy pattern, to a modern, sexy style emblem.
Modern furniture stores have seen Chintz floral patterns move in and out of fashion, varying in colours and patterns.
Chintz can even be seen in some Gothic corsetry and related fashions.
Thae corset has a velour chintz pattern over it. It's like a bunch of intertwined leaves and flowers silhouetted against a plain background.
by Ashaya November 01, 2006

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