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The name of an itialian soft drink comprised of the juice of the chinotto fruit and herbal flavours. The taste is that of cocacola and orange juce strained through an old mans shoes. The taste tends to grow on you and by your seccond can it is your favourite softdrink. Sometimes sold under the brio brand name.
When I first took a sip of chinotto i almost puked, but by sip five i loved it.
by Chinolover May 21, 2006
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Sinonimo per l'atto della fellatio nel quale uno degli attori stimola oralmente il partner maschile allo scopo di provocare l'orgasmo e l'eiaculazione
Gradirei un chinotto grazie, e non parlo di bevande
by DingoSquad March 10, 2015
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Chinotto is a popular Italian soft drink, sold under several brand names. It was developed in the 1930's from a sour member of the citrus family.

However, lately among young men in Milano it has taken on the meaning of blow job.
Spike: hey man I was out drinking in navigilo last night & ended up getting a chinotto from two chicks by the canal!

Fabio: No! local girls?

Spike: Are you kidding? couple of Germans on holiday.
by sour citrus member September 07, 2009
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Soft drink sold in Venezuela. It come in a green bottle and and it tastes just like Sprite or 7up
Chamo si pasas por la bodega comprate una Chinotto porfa
by Elmanta August 05, 2010
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