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The object of thrusting your body in a forward and backward motion in a seductively alluring manner in order to attract the opposite sex, or in rare occasions, the same sex.
Leah and Jill totally just pulled a ching-a-ling on Ryan in the club! Did you see??!
by LuluLo March 04, 2009
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da sound your change make in your pocket or to win a jackpot or to have a bunch of pennies
Jackpot! Man you got chingaling now
by Jobie Trice February 14, 2005
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Refers to the male genitalia
Origin: The Spanish verb Chingar, a colloquial term meaning "to fuck"
Babe, please put on your robe, I don't want the neighbors to see your ching-a-ling.
by Tu_Mama April 20, 2018
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