The term that is used by white people to try and describe the Chinese language. Although Ching Chong can be used to be partially racist to Asians, the term actually doesn't mean anything in the Chinese language. 充(Chong) in Chinese actually means to charge while (Qing)请 although not the same spelling, has the same pronunciation. Putting these two together means please charge, but otherwise, there is no actual meaning. Throughout the internet though, we have seen many racist types that have lead the movement to the Chinglish Word becoming a very racist word. We have seen different poems(You pull your eyes back and yell "Ching Chong!") and we have also seen such memes.
In the Chinese language, you could use these two words 清and充 like this.请 问你能帮我手机 充 电吗?
In the English language, you can use this in more ways such as---> damn, that small Asian boy has the real ching chong eyes or that lunch looks like a real Chinese ching chong lunch.
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by AsianManBaby November 11, 2018
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The racist word for asian that is equal to the n word. Do not say this word unless authorized by asian.
Me: *Usually looking at phone*
Random nazi: Hey ching chong
Me: *Pulls out bamboo*WTF U SAY?
by bored hong kong student September 17, 2020
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A type of phrase used by racists to mock Asians.
Black Person: "Yo, let me get some fried dog ching chong face"
Asian: "You're ruining my business you ignorant fuck. Take your crap somewhere else"
by Fallade12 December 07, 2018
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A racist way to refer to a Chinese person
Ching-Chong drivers dont know how to drive. I wonder how the fuck they even got a license.
by SekcWhiteBoi_69 April 01, 2019
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A racial slur that many little kids use to taunt asians, especially when they think they're so macho, though they really have it coming for them.
kid: Hey, you come from China. You speak ching chong?
me:No, I come from greece and I pig latin
kid I'm gonna beat you up! (we're talking a friggin 5 year old)
me: come and get me.. CHICKEN

at this point, the chubby guy is attempting to climb up the monkey bar to where I am.
by ikanspell May 24, 2010
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A word used by stupid people trying to impress their mandarin teachers/ Asian people. Also used my stupid racist people.
Definition 1:

Teacher: 早上好碧玉你好吗
Jasper: Ching Chong
Definition 2:
Asian kid: Hi!
Racist white kid: Hello ching Chong.
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by Andioopppppp April 05, 2020
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