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A type of strap on dildo (official name is the accomadater) that straps around your head and protrudes from your chin enableing you to eat and fuck pussy (or ass) at the same time.
Bianca loves the chindick so much she won't have regular sex with me anymore.
by voltamp amn October 31, 2009
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When a dude wears his long beard in a ponytail off his chin, sometimes with multiple rubber bands down the length of the beard to ensure a stiff shaft-like appearance.
Chris was sporting a killer chindick the other day. The placement of the rubber bands down the shaft of his chindick made it look like he could penetrate his woman's backdoor while he eats her juicy pussy
by Tittsmcgee July 24, 2017
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A person who acts like both an asshole and douche bag at the same time. An extremely pathetic and ignorant moron.
Stop being such a chin dick!
Get off my ass you chin dick!
by tetdfromage June 15, 2008
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