It has the same meaning as the word 'chido' but 'chilo' is used in the northern parts of Mexico. It's meaning is 'cool'
'Tus zapatos estan chilos' will be like 'Hey, your shoes are cool'
by Jose Luis Gonzalez March 28, 2006
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(Spanish. Colloquial; also feminine form "chila") From english "chill", something that is cool.
—Oye, vato, qué chilo tu sombrero.
—Oh, gracias.

—Hey, dude, cool hat.
—Oh, thanks.
by hectormgerardo November 26, 2018
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chilo/chido (mexican slang) = cool
hey wey, yesterdays party was fucking chilo!!
by KatChamber August 19, 2007
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Pronounced: che low
A massive dump. Large crap. Butt explosion
A chilo is a dump so strong that it splashes the bottom of the toilet rim.
by Hilltop Terrace June 26, 2007
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A dishonest, mentally deranged asshole who lies to everyone about anything.
That guy is a douchebag, what a fucking Chilo!
by MorganT2010 April 15, 2011
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Chiloe is the most perfect person in the whole wide universe. Everything is amazing and glamorous. Her beautiful long blonde hair is the topic of the evening when it comes to conversations with boys. When you look into her eyes, you are lost in the longing of the night with her. Her voice is like a soothing current of sensual noises. Her body...i died and went to heaven! Her flexibility is beyond description. No words to describe it. Everyone wants to be a chiloe. Perfect grades, perfect sleep talking, even clearing her throat is heavenly. The man who gets Chiloe will be the luckiest man in bed. People will talk for miles around about their experience they had with Chiloe in bed
Chiloehiloe Shiloh Chloe goddess perfect body bed lucky hot sexy bang
by k.t.b. February 05, 2010
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