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to smoke weed then proceed to play a first person shooter video game
Friend on phone: Hey, wanna come over? I got my xbox and bong out, you want to chill and kill??

Responding friend: Sure, I'll bring over to black ops!!
by I'd rather not say. 026 June 23, 2011
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1) Going out with your squad to kill (or slay) the night or day.
2) Going online to chill and play video-games with your friends that involve killing.
3) Chilling to kill time.
Person 1: Let's go out with the squad to chill and kill.
Person 2: Sounds fun lets kill the (night/day).

Person 1: Hey wanna go online to chill and kill?
Person 2: Sure! Let's kill them!

Person 1: Wanna chill and kill time?
Person 2: Yeah I'm bored lets just chill and kill time.
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by chillandkillsquad April 30, 2016
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