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Residents of Chigwell, a suberb of Hobart In Tasmania.

The male chiga can often be identified by tight black 80's jeans matched with a ripped oil stained, metallica/ACDC/pantera T-shirt.
Have a tendancy to sport a huge plumbers crack via leaning into the bonnet of an unroadworthy Torana/Commodore or Escort/Falcon or any similar vehicle made before 1990.

The female chiga is usually heard first and seen later.
They are idientified by a shill whining voice and the lengthening of many simple english words with an expletive added. The most common difference is the change of the word 'my' to 'mi fucken'
Identified by a lack of footwear and extremely blond hair sometimes found with young children alone or in the front passenger seat of the male's car

Chigas are accustomed to filling their abodes with at least one bong, Victoria Bitter cans, casks of wine called fruity lexia - jovially reffered to as 'fruity legopner' - and a generous collection of ciggarette packets, most commonly longbeach.
Look at that chiga on the side of the road! Looks like he's blown a diff!
by Dennis Denuito October 13, 2005
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african americanised chinese youths who are strongly influenced by the hip hop rap cuture of black americans 'niggas' The chinese version is chiga (ch+iga)
me no nigga! me chiga!
by Hinizl February 11, 2005
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