8 definitions by GallopingSausage

A more family-friendly version of saying, "No shit, Sherlock!" Both expressions are a blunt reply when someone says the obvious.
Soldier: The heavy is a spy!

Scout: No duh, Darwin!
by GallopingSausage August 31, 2019
A term for a drink that is especially high in caffeine (E.g. Red Bull, Mountain Dew)
I may drink lots of soda, but the one thing I can't stand is panther piss.
by GallopingSausage June 3, 2018
Another way of saying, "Bollocks!" when something goes wrong.
Oh, Nuts and Boltsacks!
by GallopingSausage June 3, 2018
To escape from a certain place as quickly as one's legs can carry them.

A pun on Pig Latin, since Amscray is the Pig Latin version of Scram.
"Zoinks!" yelled Shaggy, "This place is haunted! Let's make like Pig Latin and Amscray!"
by GallopingSausage November 15, 2018
When someone tells you to put one's pickle back in the jar, they are telling you to stop jerking off or having sex.
Mom: Eric? What are you doing?
Eric (jerking off): I'm watching an interesting program!
Mom: Well then, put your pickle back in the jar and get out here! We have company.
Eric: Okay. (Walks out)
by GallopingSausage April 10, 2019
A less explicit version of "You couldn't catch herpes in a whorehouse!" It means that no matter how hard they try, no one will be able to catch anything.
While a pack of dogs chased a cat, the cat insulted them by saying, "You couldn't catch chicken pox in a henhouse!"
by GallopingSausage April 15, 2019
A more sexually explicit version of, "You couldn't catch a cold", meaning that someone is not good at catching anything.
Wally was so non-athletic, he couldn't catch herpes in a whorehouse.


Being pursued by bad guys: Can't you guys keep up? You couldn't catch herpes in a whorehouse!
by GallopingSausage April 10, 2019