It literally means a person who attracts many girls , romantically or sexually because of their qualities , usually good looks
Niya : damn payton really be a chick magnet. Bro he be getting all the girls.
Payton : sad life mate.
by Dumbobixxh October 25, 2019
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A guy who can all the girls no matter what situation he is in.
"look adam is spazzing out and pretending hes a chick magnet even though he hasnt even gotten a hot girl in his whole life"
by Bleb!!! November 10, 2006
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cant get no chicks, he like the opposite of a magnet cause he be smellin like shit.
When someone is still virgin since 1960 he is a chick magnet
via giphy
by bigdick-doggy January 07, 2020
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