A molestor of children.
Dude, look at that chi mo in the van, he's totally got his eye on that playground.
by Clean Shaven March 05, 2004
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1. child molester

2. an unusually perverted man who tries to get with younger girls and usually goes by the name kyle

NOTE: pronounced CHEE-moe

Girl 1: woah that guy looks like such a chi mo.

Girl 2: tell me about it... he already cornered me in the bathroom twice today
by walalalaala November 06, 2008
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A child molester-esque' person who gives off a creepy and/or negetive vibe.
Mr. Chandler is an utter chi-mo.

Mr. Chandler has a four year degree in chi-mology.

When I look at Mr. Chandler, I want to throw my arms in the air and shout, "RUN! CHI-RANOSAURUSREX!"
by Kellixlovesxhugs November 10, 2006
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that guy is a chi-mo. or, he is chi-motivated, he is a member of the chi-militia, he has his degree in chi-mology, he is chi-magnificent, chi-mastidon, chi-magnify, chi-ranisaurusrex, come up with your own it is very fun
by Adicto June 01, 2005
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Johnny the 28 year old tried to get the hook up with Jessy the 14 year old, Johnny is a chi-mo
by Megan McCracken July 20, 2003
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What you call a person who is a child molestor, or just a really creepy person.
"I have to work with this total chi-mo! He's such a creep!"
by Alex March 03, 2005
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Used when refering to a Child Molestor
Keep you children away from that Chi-mo.
by Ellsbells June 14, 2008
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