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The nickname of UK Pop singer and X-Factor Judge Cheryl Cole(Tweedy).
I LOVE CHEZZA'S new song Promise This!!
by TheAmericanIdol November 03, 2010
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the sexiest chick you could ever meet. Beautiful, brilliant, peaceful, down to earth, and wicked sweet. also the greatest and most loyal friend you could ever have. People are totally jealous of her awesomeness and her beautifull looks and personality. you may feel threatened or intimidated by Chezza but shes the most honest and sweatest girl you could meet. she could take you out in a heartbeat.
whoa check out that chick. she's almost as cool as Chezza.

pshh no one's as cool as Chezza
by ZenithHD April 09, 2011
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A chezza is a woman, aged about 38+ she likes to hang round strip bars looking for some action. If she does not get action, she hangs around the streets looking for young men alone in cars.
by Buba Roids June 18, 2009
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a fit burd. she iz up da duf wit ma bby n i iz mkin er av a fkin aborshn init g lolz

fkin peece owt. kirx yboi iz welard

bngin u al owt cz i az 1 hrd dik
Fkin, Chezza is FAFM8.
by Kirx September 22, 2006
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