Any Pop music singer of today. These "singers" are only famous because of their marketable looks. All of their songs are about love or sex. Normally, pop singers don't write their own lyrics, or play their own instruments. They should not even be considered "artists"; they should be considered “performers”.
by I spend too much time here April 03, 2013
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A girl that a game developer, known as Luke, simps for. She's a pop singer that never sings and is the main love interest in Harmony of Love: An Alicia dating sim
Luke: isn't Alicia Pop Singer adorable??

by TheSecretImpostor February 05, 2021
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She protecc
She attacc
When she get simped on
Luke strike back
Also she sings. And she is funni. And also maybe yandere, but who knows, who knows...
Rando: Alicia The Pop Singer is so hot! I'm a simp and I'll take her from Luke!
Luke: So you have chosen death.
by CUPCAKEMANS February 05, 2021
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