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n. Similar to a cheese dick and a tool. A person who says or does something that is “cheesy’ and more than likely self centered. It is a good replacement when you need to call someone a fag or queer but the action they are doing does not relate to homosexuality.
Durbin thinks it’s cool to talk about all the dirty sluts he fucks; therefore he is a cheese nuts.
by The House April 25, 2006
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The adjective that refer's to a person that has the brains of cheese. While being nutty or nuts as well
"Dude you cheesenut." or "Your such a cheesenut."
by Shwing December 06, 2005
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The mix between a Cheese Ball and a Nut Head. A extremely cheesy wierd person. A cheese nut.
Person 1- Oh my goodness. Did you see what she did?

Person 2- God, I know. She is SUCH a cheesenut.
by -miss blake- May 12, 2009
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