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do u want chattsters? do u know wat chattsters r? , i do, do u, good coz i dont.
do u want the great chattster chin wag, every person in the world is talkin about them, but i dont know wat they r, do u, the population of the world doesnt know wat they r, but i do, do u?

if i wer u, i wud get that chattster chin wag into gear and find out wat it means, i already know so find out for me coz i dint know wat they r, i ave never haerd of chattsters???

do u want chattsters, they are really good, every1's doin it, apert from the whole population of the chattster chin wagers.

please tell me wat a chattster is but i already know so thats y i want u to find out for me???

ave u ever heard of chattsters? i avnt heard of chatsters, do u want chatsters, r they cool , i would tell u but i dont know my self???

please tell me how to do a chattster chin wag and then i will have one with u, if i can remember how to chattster.

is a chattster chin wag good, it is isnt it? i would tell u but i dont know.

please go in a dictionary and find out wat it means. that would be silly though coz i know wat they r.

i know wat they are coz i have got a chattster chin wag CD rom so i can go on it, but i dont use coz i dont have one, i know wat chattsters r, do u, i dont?

(p.s. have a great time havin a chattster chin wag about wat a chattster is, i know wat one is, but im not gona tell u coz i dont know)
ch ch ch chattsters!!! confused? no point to this at all!!!
by Dave-2004 January 12, 2004
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