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noun. a town located in the northwest of the san fernando valley. chatsworth borders on the hills that make up the north edge of the valley. It is next to west hills, canoga park and northridge.

Chatsworth is home to the largest porn industry in the world (vivid entertainment, legend video, etc.). check your porn, i bet a bunch of it was produced and printed/distributed from this very town!

Their freeway is the 118. in the hills there are some rich-ass communities, some gated ones, some not. on the valley floor things are pretty middle class.

for some reason lots of the news stations measure the temperature of the west valley (or sometimes even the whole valley) in chatsworth.
when you hear about someone "filming a movie" in "a mansion in chatsworth" you know it's worth peeking over the fence for a bit

see also "mansion in the valley"
by Olly J March 14, 2005
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chatsworth is the greatest place ever. I live in chatsworth, other people live there to, but most importantly I like there. it is so great. it is a place where everyone can be friends and we can all have a fun fun time. I love chatsworth and you should to
Dude when I die i hope i go to heaven... I mean chatsworth

Micah Davis lives in chatsworth and so should you

chatsworth is the greatest place ever
by MIB February 18, 2005
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