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this is what a guy gets when he beats off with shampoo, or something thats is harsh on the peter. skin starts peelin of like you have chapped lips.
bill: "aye man you should beat off with shampoo, it feels bomb as hell."

two hours later

bill: "damn that shit gave me chapdick."
by FBS April 14, 2006
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The effect on ones penis after prolonged use of lubricant during masturbation, whereby the penis gets chapped; the way lips get chapped from too much sun.
"Man, I'd like to wrench my warty chap-dick down her throat."
"It appears my member has acquired a state of chapness, chap-dick if you will."
by jinjo_one February 27, 2006
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the sexual act of putting chapstick on one's penis and then having himself or a partner sucking it off.
Kory: Dude I totally made that Katie chick give me strawberry chap-dick

Jake: She liked the taste of your strawberry chap dick
by squibbles_doomypants May 19, 2011
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the art of Chapdicking is where you put chapstick on the tip of your dick to keep it from crusting. this multitasks as a way of birthcontrol, a wax condom if you will.
girl: your dick is so slick, did you chapdick?
guy: Yup!!!
by PimpleDick592 January 13, 2018
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