1. the state of being a champion 24/7
2. to be great and to do everything right
When there is no one better then you and you know you’re the top guy, then you’re champin.

Bro 1: Dude check out that guy over there with the hot ass bitch, yesterday he had another.
Bro 2: Fuck, I know. That kid gets puss…straight up champin.
by Oxford-Dictionary February 15, 2013
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to be great and to do everything right.
Boy those storm payers are so good they are champin
by theK March 13, 2012
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this is the act of drinking dubiously large amounts of champagne and then leaving the club with several sloppy women that probably dont even know your name.
person 1 dude what happened yesterday i cant remember a thing and there were 15 women in my house and a donkey!
person 2 chill out bro at the bar you were champin its cool.
by j a c k a $ $ December 26, 2011
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When you do are doing something amazing and everybody admires you for it.This can be done while drinking and partying or in sports and video games.Also it can be when your bud is doing something for your benefit.
Look at that kid, hes just champin it over there, hes probably drank like 15 beers and hes still givin er.

That kid just champed it and jumped on the fumble.

I'm just champin it right nao i got a running riot.

Hes definitely champing it, he took the fat chick while i got her hot friend, way to take one for the team.
by xxEMOxxxxJK!! January 26, 2009
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When theres no one better then you, and you feel like the top guy. Then your CHAMPIN'!
Dude 1: Yo dude...your ex girlfriend is hot...I heard you were planning on getting back together with her?

Dude about to champ: Yeman...but I dunno shes not even talking to me anymore, I think Im gonna have to champ this one

Dude 1: Champ? whats that?

Dude currently champing: Hey ex GF! YOU LOOK LIKE SHREK!...thats champin' bro
by TheDaze May 11, 2012
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