A word in Hindi, literal translation being a spoon, but a slang for an ass kisser. Some one who has no mind, no thoughts, no thinking of his/her own. Some one who only keeps licking other's feet or ass. A pathetic species of a human being, which i would not want some one to become.

They are not like minded people. They will simply parrot whatever you say. They prefer to hang out with the richest or the most powerful person. Avoid company of intelligent people.

They are not true supporters, rather they mislead you with sugar coated lies, instead of giving you a true picture.

Other names for chamchas: ass kissers, pet poodles.
Rich and powerful Guy: I wanted to be a doctor, but did not have the required marks.

Chamcha: Oh Sir, how bad, they missed a wonderful Doctor like you. We must protest this with the university authorities.
by scorpiusmaximusindicus November 14, 2007
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Pronounced 'Chum+chah':Directly translates from Hindi or Urdu as 'spoon,' meaning A follower; a girl or guy who looks up to another more than necessary (may be an ass-kisser as well), one who idolizes another and does exactly as he or she says and tries to be exactly like him or her to fit in, to the point of being a pain in the ass.
(ChamchA for a guy, ChamchI for a girl)
1. Damn i was talkin to T last night and its like talkin to WTR...hes TOTALLY WTR's chamcha

2. T how about you stop being WTR's chamcha and think for yourself??
by JayDrk December 19, 2006
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Usage: Hindi/Urdu/Gujerati/Memoni/Kutchi

Those that hang on a person's facebook updates by hitting like or adding ego-inflating comments
Person A update: I need to get laid tonight.
fb chamcha: LIKE
fb chamcha: Ur a GOD, you can get any one.
Person A: Hehe, fo sho
fb chamcha: I worship thee

See also chamcha
by blunt.reality September 21, 2010
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