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Usage: Hindi/Urdu/Gujerati/Memoni/Kutchi

Those that hang on a person's facebook updates by hitting like or adding ego-inflating comments
Person A update: I need to get laid tonight.
fb chamcha: LIKE
fb chamcha: Ur a GOD, you can get any one.
Person A: Hehe, fo sho
fb chamcha: I worship thee

See also chamcha
by blunt.reality September 21, 2010
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FKK, short for Fayyaz-Kazi-Khan
A persona created by self for auto-fellatio.
A self-proclaimed form of uber nova evolution.
Untouchable, invincible, delusional.
Insecure with self, ergo, creation of egocentric exoskeleton.
An actually lost, myopic, confused soul.

Also see douche bag, ignorant, tool, moron, lame, loser, jerk, boring, jackass, retard, fake
I am FKK, gods gift to all that moves with a breeze.
by blunt.reality September 21, 2010
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