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Woke feminists, who typically spend their time, supposedly fighting for women's causes, that in reality are absolutely superficial, and obscure the actual issues faced by women, which need more effort to tackle.

They spend hours, on how a certain word, story, play, movie, book is offensive to women, so it should be banned or cancelled. This when women in 3rd world countries have to deal with far more serious issues.

Take off on Don Quixote, the famous literary character created by Cervantes, who kept tilting at windmills, thinking they were huge giants.
That Donna Quixotica has a problem with Neil Armstrong saying "One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind", she feels it discriminates against women.

Donna Quixoticas have a problem with Apollo 13, as it shows all the crew and even the ground staff as male, while women are mostly at home.
by scorpiusmaximusindicus January 23, 2021
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1) A perfect example of how a beautiful city can be ruined by greedy politicans and administrators.

2) The modern face of India, which shows that India is not just about tigers and maharajahs.

3) The back office of the world, where MNC's outsource the work. And oh before you sneer at back office clerks, let me remind you, Intel's latest chip version was developed here. And oh yes G.E. has it's only second R&D center here, after the US, the John F Welch Technology Center, where i worked previously. And dont tell me that all Silicon Valley folks are innovators and inventors.

4) Inspite of the traffic jams, increasing pollution, it still has one of the best climate in India.

5) A city where any person from any corner of India can feel at home. Where it is not mandatory to learn the local language. Where every Bangalorean knows at least 3-4 languages.

6) A city which has one of the best dining out cultures. From pubs to street corner restuarants to fast food outlets to inexpenseive outlets catering to office goers in need of a quick bite, it has everything for any one. And the variety of cuisine is mind boggling, Punjabi, Kannada, Mallu, Mangalorean, Andhra, Bengali to Italian, Thai, Chinese it has everything.

7. A place which has a wealth of options for those seeking to get away during the weekend. From forests to hill resorts to beaches to angling trips, everything is pretty close by.

8. A city where a large percentage of the population is edcuated and knowledgable. Where it is possible to have a good conversation.

Intel, Google, Yahoo, Adobe, GE, Sun all have their R&D units in Bangalore.

Pubbing and clubbing are not alien concepts in Bangalore.

I love Namma Bengalooru.
by scorpiusmaximusindicus November 12, 2007
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1)The tendency of writers to pen down in 20 lines what can be essentially said in a few lines. Done deliberately to confound and confuse the reader.

2) The tendency of authors to think that the intelligence of an article is directly proportional to number of lines written.

In honor of Ayn Rand, whose novels often run into pages and pages and who takes 10 pages to explain what could be explained in a few lines more effectively.

Dude #1: My ex girlriend suffered from an Ayn Rand Syndrome

Dude #2: Yeah

Dude #1: She wrote a 5 page letter to me, just to say she was leaving.
by scorpiusmaximusindicus March 4, 2009
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A word in Hindi, literal translation being a spoon, but a slang for an ass kisser. Some one who has no mind, no thoughts, no thinking of his/her own. Some one who only keeps licking other's feet or ass. A pathetic species of a human being, which i would not want some one to become.

They are not like minded people. They will simply parrot whatever you say. They prefer to hang out with the richest or the most powerful person. Avoid company of intelligent people.

They are not true supporters, rather they mislead you with sugar coated lies, instead of giving you a true picture.

Other names for chamchas: ass kissers, pet poodles.
Rich and powerful Guy: I wanted to be a doctor, but did not have the required marks.

Chamcha: Oh Sir, how bad, they missed a wonderful Doctor like you. We must protest this with the university authorities.
by scorpiusmaximusindicus November 14, 2007
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