A sound or series of sounds that symbolize and communicate the meaning of a word or words your currently feel like using – in a non offensive or secretive way – without being divisible into smaller units capable of independent use. Like a mental or garbled onimonipea.
Taylor: "Hey Dombos, what do you think about the current state of world politics?"

Dombos: "Meh."

Note: Meh (or anything for that matter) would be a chabba.
by Taylor Scott December 28, 2005
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What is made in the crotch area of ones pants when in the seated position to look similar to an erection. (usualy more defined when person is wearing jeans) does not matter whether person is mail or female.
Dude, look at Janine's chabba. It looks like she's got a fuckin boner.
by J.J.C. March 3, 2006
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i need something my stomach is empty
abba chabba ......
by 2021babyparent October 27, 2021
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A chubby kid with a short dick
Dude: That Chabba should start eating some salads!
Chick: Chabbas aren't my favourite but I'll have one every now and then
by andy the p.eater January 10, 2020
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"Chabba" is another word for a karate chop using both hands together shoved in between anothers butt cheeks unknowingly. This is normally done as a joke or prank to a close one or a friend in hopes that none of which have an intention to invade anyone in anyway.

Credit of this word comes from my little cousin Aleia (7 yrs) because she loves to "chabba" EVERYONE. Even strangers on the street.
Ray: " AHHH! Dude what the heck was that?" Jace: " I chabbad you 🤗"

Ray : "What in the world, did you force your hands up my butthole"

Jace: "Yep"

Ray: "I'd rather a buttcheek poke."
Jace: "Noted.."
by BøneSīckRęck June 15, 2022
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