When the Supreme Court of the United States agrees to hear a case. Short for the latin "certiorari" meaning "to send up the record."
We were happy to hear the Supremes granted cert in Lawrence v. Texas.
by J. Muskratt June 17, 2005
Correctional Emergency Response Team
Active the CERT Team we have a Riot.
by Yourused October 4, 2007
Depending on the circumstances, a short form for
1) A certificate
2) A concert
3) Certain
1) did you pick up your cert from the gym?
2) Did you go to Enrique's cert?
3) So Bush won again? I thought Kerry was a cert...
by Gunkglumb June 6, 2005
To certify or to show off something for example your wealth.
Damn these new loafers I bought cert my pocket.
by Forces July 20, 2006
teacher : there is no school on monday

Paul: oh cert cert cert certy cert cert
by kaz-kidd June 21, 2009
To be given a certificate. The action of having had a qualification bestowed on you . like benighted is to be knighted.

The honour is bestowed upon you..it is Certed to you
"at the awards ceremony Brian was certed with an honours degree"
by Lunar Rover November 7, 2017
A female that is visually unpleasing to regarde.
"Hey, have you seen Susan Boyle lately?"

"No, i'll go out on a limb and still assume she's a cert right?"
by moleman12345 September 22, 2011