a small dwarf planet that orbits between mars and jupiter
by sock06555 April 1, 2018
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Also known as the roman goddess demeter
Isnt ceres hot?!
by ur mom February 23, 2004
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a beautiful and intelligent woman that doesn't take anyone shit.
Isn't Cere great?!
by sundvl08 May 5, 2009
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A small hick town. Filled with loud mexican music and stuck up white people. The high school is actually a boxing ring and there is never anything to do. Except eat and get fucked up.
Ceres, Ca
Oh my fucking heeby jeebys. I FUCKING hate Ceres!
by BrandNewChick September 18, 2004
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Goddess of agriculture, grain, and fertility
Man, look at all those kids she has, she is such a Ceres
by audible August 11, 2008
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Ceres (not the dwarf planet) is a manchild strongly influenced by Brabant's drug abuse, therefore he has a strong mental handicap. He has a slightly different accent, from what he says. Ceres lives in a first world country and his number 1 priority is to make fun of second and third world countries.

"You live in Bulgaria right, how do they even have internet there?" -Ceres

His personality is centred around being a edgy. He bullies children to feed his rabbit. He says he breathes for a living, tho I do not trust this. He lives in a wannabe German province. He jerks off to Finland's shape. He has an addiction to anime just like his friend (I don't trust the fact that he has a friend). He always says he is born in the wrong country whilst living in a first world country. Further study must be made to truly understand his actual brain activity, critical thinking and thought process.
Yeah that guy in my class is such a Ceres, he whines so much about not being Swedish.
by walterthedogofceres November 1, 2020
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n. A skull-looking, loose girl who loves smoking pot.
"That Ceres is stoned again! Run before you get hit on by a dead pharaoah!"
by K.T. Kitty March 5, 2009
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