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Awesome japanase light sportscar. The older rear wheel drive models where the better ones, especially the third generation, in particular the RA65. With it's 2.4L EFI engine, power steering and hardcore rear wheel drive handling it is a drift machine. The RA65's W55 supra 5 speed gearbox is well geared with a grunty tall second gear and has ultra quick gear changes. The W55 is also very strong and can take hard downchanges. Sexy angular shape, pop up lights and chick pulling power it is one seriously cool car that is known everywhere.
PHWOOAARRR what a sexy beast!
by Mr Procrastination April 12, 2005
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In America, it was a competatively priced underpowered sports car untill 1988 when they finally introduced an AWD 200hp Turbo Charged engine in America. Sound familiar, doesn't it? That is right, those cars like the WRX's and STI's of today were being produced by toyota more than 10 years ago. In 1990 the body switched, and, these cars were very exclusively produced and only made so toyota could continue in their rally history. Toyota later discontinued these genius car designs in 1993, and restricted the sales only to Japan, and parts of Europe. The Celica All-Trac, or GT4 died in the US.
person 1 : It's a Celica..
person 2 : Cheapo FWD 130 hp?
Person 1 : Celica All-Trac.
person 2 : Oh shit.
by james March 28, 2005
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The coolest, sexiest, most bad-ass car ever made. I own a 91 GT ceilca and it kicks ass! screw all you poeple who says it sucks. Go to
Damn! who is in that badass celica? I wish i had one
by CelicaManInCali August 08, 2003
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most under standing person ever and great friend...and sexy and hot and great at party's
dude did u see celica
by cccolkid September 14, 2016
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Car owned by a stupid ass who can't spell people or Celica. See urbtards.
Damn! I shoold pay moor atenshun in skool so I coold lurn to spel goodur.
by John Heinz Kerry March 10, 2005
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