a guy in the harry potter series who eventually dies from a unforgivable curse
cedric diggory was just killed by wormtail because because he was voldermorts slave and thought he was killing harry.
by crowie May 31, 2006
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A gorgeous Hufflepuff in the Harry Potter film "The Goblet of Fire"

Cedric is by far the most attractive character in this film and should not have been "Killed off" as J.K Rowling put it
he did not deserve his horrific death and will be remembered by all Cedric stans
(Also a Daddy)
Man Cedric Diggory is hot
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by immidiggory22 November 27, 2020
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the sexiest mf alive-
the sexiest dead mf
β€œcedric diggory is so hot”
β€œstfu he’s dead and he’s not real”
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by haha im not addicted to tikto January 09, 2021
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a wizard who tragically dies (i cant believe in saying this, but damn you voldemort or whatever)and happens to be 1/20 of Edward Cullen and is said to be his little brother in some Twi/HP possis
HP fan:yay, Cedric Diggory died!!
Twi fan: Bitch, don't talk about Edward's little brother that way
by nande0nande|Mrs.Cullen/Diggory October 15, 2008
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