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Appropriate slang in reference of city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Are you hitting up that Stampede ho-down in Cdot?
by Cowgarian August 12, 2011
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An acronym for Collingwood, Ontario, based on the popular acronym for Toronto (T-Dot).
Person 1: You wanna party in C-Dot tonight?
Person 2: No, I don't want to go to the bingo hall.
by Matt November 13, 2004
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Alternative name for Copenhagen - the Capital of Denmark
Me be going to da C-Dot this week, me gotz to do the ill partying with da fine Danish chickz!
by Mr Denmark January 06, 2007
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it is a name for someone who is called courtney, it means the are cool in the hood like a gangster, or they want to be from london.
never write the dot as a '.' it has to be spelt in caps.

any courtney can be gangster with C.DOT
whats your name?


mannnn what a cool your real name courtney?

yeah but am a ganagster so am C.DOT YEAHHH?
by irishlianneandcourts November 09, 2011
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