one with a widely strethed pussy

"Vickie has the deppest cave i have ever seen."
by agent white March 20, 2007
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1. A nickname to describe a puny bitch.
2. Someone who thinks that they are huge and intimidating, but in fact are quite weak and non-muscular.
3. A person who barely leaves their room (cave) and lives in the dark like a Caveman.
Wow did you see John? He's a total cave, he never leaves his room!
by E2 Brothers March 05, 2009
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1. n. The crawlspace created underneath the beds in Butch 203 during movie nights
2. n. Room 203 in Butcher Hall of Ware College House in the University of Pennsylvania
3. n. A group of awesome people collectively called "The Cave" and sometimes referred to as "cave men/women".

adj. Cave-ish: a state of disarray caused by a buildup of dust bunnies and piles of still wet laundry. Can be remedied by swiffering and spraying a mixture of Off and Oust.

v. Decave: to organize one's room.
-I promise I'll decave soon! -This room is looking awfully caveish today. -Where are those voices coming from? -Oh it's just Jess and PJ in the cave.
by Peppermint Bon Bon August 07, 2006
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Acronym for Citizens Against Virtually Everything, as found in the realm of urban planning. Similar to nimbys, but worse.
The CAVEists are opposed to the new jungle gym, as it might attract children.
by Pampadou August 31, 2005
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A woman's mini, pashula, downstairs, nunu, vjj, triangle, second pair of lips, vagina, minge, pussy, fanny.
straight boys and gay girls and bisexuals (plus everything else) like caves
by ilovecaves February 05, 2011
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